Russolo - (Italy)

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Rino Russolo makes wines on the plain of Friuli near the Veneto , which is called Grave at northeast of Venice . The vineyards are sheltered on the north by the foothills of the Dolomites (Southern Alps) and on the south side by the Adriatic Sea providing sufficient moisture and a fresh sea breeze. The Friuli region in the northeast of Italy, is at the origin of some of the finest white wines in the country. The climate is cool and the air is exceptionally pure due to the further located Alps. In short, the ideal conditions for the production of fine and aromatic quality wines. Here Rino Russolo started his winery in 1925 as one of the first Italians with a degree in oenology. Today, the leadership is in the hands of his grandson Rino Jr. In Russolo they strive for the highest possible quality. The largest part of the grape varieties used is of French origin. The special climate and specific soil results in these typical wines.